Tips When Searching for an Accountant


Choosing the right accountant is no small decision, it is just as important as picking the right business partner. It is not a decision you should take lightly, you must take your time when searching for a reliable accountant and only deal with a qualified, experienced individual. A trustworthy accountant can become a colleague and a friend, they will provide advice on business dealings, recommendations and other vital aspects of your company.

Is location an issue?

With the creation of cloud-based technology more and more businesses are directing their financial affairs online, so location is becoming less and less of an issue. In the past, it used to be important to have your accountant close to your premises, but this problem has now become irrelevant due to the advances in technology. By using cloud-based accounting software, you and your accountant can both view your books in real-time, regardless of your current location.

With this in mind, you could potentially hire accountants in Nottingham, even if your business is based out of London. If you don’t have any issues dealing with your accountant via phone calls, emails, and online video calls, your search area is limitless. The decision to hire a particular accountant really comes down to your specific wants and needs. If you are happy to consult with an individual using only the latest technology, you simply have to find an accountant who understands the inner workings of your business.

In contrast, you may feel more at ease with an accountant you can deal with who is closer to home, in this case, you should narrow your search to financial consultants in your locality.

What do I look for?

You should consider hiring an accountant with workplace experience, knowledge, and a high level of education. In most countries, accountants are regulated by professional bodies to ensure they operate according to the highest industry standards. If they don’t meet specific criteria, then they can’t work in the industry and are not endorsed by recognised professional bodies.

If you plan for rapid expansion, hiring a chartered accountant would be hugely beneficial. Chartered accountants are highly qualified professionals who can help your business reach the next level. They possess university qualifications along with invaluable work experience and certificates in professional competence programmes.

What is the accountants’ area of expertise?

If your previous accounts were handled using cloud computing, then it is important that your new accountant is proficient using this system of bookkeeping. You’ll need an individual who is familiar with your business requirements and who has experience dealing with companies of a similar size and structure. Ask about their current clients to find out if they can offer you the attention your business deserves.

Carry out as much research as possible and aim to hire an accountant who is familiar with your industry. Don’t settle for anything less than exceptional, your business depends on it. Accountants are there not only to balance the books, they should be able to guarantee you save money and grow your business successfully.

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