A Guide to Professional Inks and Coatings


Like every other sector, technology has made a significant impact on the field of inks, paints, and other coatings, allowing for the creation of specific properties within the substance, such as conductivity. Conductive inks form a large part of the circuit board industry, as they allow for a complex conductive pathway to be printed on just about any substrate, and this method eliminates waste, and it is possible to replicate small boards with a consistency that has no room for error.

Pigment Dispersion Techniques

There are many types of pigments available today, both natural and man made, which include the following metals:

  • Cadmium
  • Copper
  • Cobalt
  • Titanium
  • Chromium
  • Lead

Whatever the make-up of the pigment, it must be dispersed evenly in the paint or ink, and the modern method of pigment dispersion incorporates two stages. The mixing and milling, and with multiple rollers, it is possible to replicate any shade of any colour to an amazing level of accuracy.  As an example, should a company require large scale mixing inks in Leeds, there happens to be an innovative firm that dedicates itself to providing ink and coatings for modern industry, and a simple online search would point them in the right direction.

Pre-Formulated Assignments

Often, the client company already have a proven formulation, and if they provide the required materials, the coating manufacturer can produce as much, or as little as is needed. The client would have very specific needs, and should the coating supplier feel there is a more cost effective way of achieving this, it might be possible to save some money. There are always new techniques arriving on the scene, and only an established coating manufacturer would be in touch with the latest developments.

Complete Projects

The majority of clients do not have much of an insight into the coating process, yet they do know the properties they are looking for, and this is enough information for the specialist company to produce something perfect. A series of samplings would ensure the end product fulfils all the requirements, and once the client is happy with the formula, production can begin, and whether you need a large or small consignment, it will soon be ready.

Specific Properties

You might require a high level of gloss or transparency, and with modern pigment dispersion solutions, you can achieve the desired result in a more cost effective way. Whatever the properties you are looking for in a coating or ink, there are established companies that are primarily focused on providing solutions for businesses of all sizes, and if you are looking for a small batch of something special, or a mass order, both are doable with the modern ink and coating manufacturer.

Innovative composite materials offer many possibilities, and with conductive ink providing the circuit pathways for tiny devices, waste is eliminated and high conductivity ensures performance. If you would like to know more about the latest developments in ink, paint and other coatings, an online search will be the best place to begin.

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