Recovery after failure – what is it and what is it for?


Failures may occur at any time. They arise from physical damage to disk, impact of viruses and accidental or intentional activity of third parties. For this reason it is important that you create backup copies. How to recover data in case of failure?

What cloud data recovery is all about?

Enterprises and individuals who use disks in the cloud may create backup copies of all stored files. This way, data can be instantly recovered in the event of any type of disaster. Sometimes, the damage to the hardware is so significant that restoring the information is not possible, in which case you should use the backup you created earlier..

Backup copies can be created in any kind of cloud. The most optimal solution is the hybrid variant which allows you to store important data in two places at a time. In such case you can secure yourself both against company equipment failures and hosting company’s mistakes.

Cloud drives in many variants can be found on sites such as, for example

Why data recovery after failure is so important?

Data stored by businesses is often very valuable. They allow work to be performed and distributed, including information about orders, employee tasks and products, and sometimes customers. The loss of all data can lead to serious financial and reputational consequences. Recovering the necessary data often takes many weeks, and sometimes ultimately turns out impossible anyway. In such a situation, a backup copy, which can be made directly from a cloud drive, comes to the rescue.

Data loss also results in downtime. In large companies, a few hours of delay can be associated with serious financial problems. For this reason, it is worth making regular backups, so that the data stored on them is as current as possible and use drives, located in the cloud, which can be accessed online from anywhere in the world. Such a solution gives a number of other benefits such as cost reduction, and also allows the company to grow, increasing its competitiveness in the industry and the market.

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