Use a Recruiting Service to Find Suitable Candidates for HGV Driving Positions


Whether you are having trouble finding suitable candidates or simply need some assistance, recruitment specialists know how to hook you up with drivers for virtually any position.

With a recruitment agency doing the work and only passing on suitable candidates, you can focus on keeping things organised with the business. Most importantly, you will soon be matched with a suitable candidate that meets your desired qualifications.

Recruitment for All Position Types

Recruitment agencies can help you find candidates for a variety of positions. With an experienced HGV driving recruitment company in Huntingdon, you will be able to meet new drivers and sift through the unqualified with ease. Whether it’s a driver with experience or somebody ready to train, you can fill positions that include the following:

  • Class 1 and 2 drivers
  • 5t drivers
  • Multidrop
  • HIAB and ADR
  • Tippers

When Looking for a Job

Recruitment agencies work both ways, and if you are looking for a job, a recruitment agency can help you find open positions. Agencies look for all types of drivers, including:

  • Self employed
  • Company
  • PAYE drivers

You will find plenty of vacancies through your recruitment agencies, and even when your desired position isn’t posted, they can still be of assistance. Among other things, they can register your interest and contact you when a fitting position is posted.

Aside from HGV positions, you can find plenty of other vacancies, including warehouse operatives, forklift driving positions, and much more.

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